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India has world’s fastest growing startup ecosystem: PM Modi

Last week our honourable Prime Minister has said that India has the world’s fastest-growing startup ecosystem and is heading towards a strong and rich economy where new unicorns are coming up every few weeks. Back in 2011 when India got its 1st unicorn startup to here in 2022 when it hits a century, the duration of these 11 long years doesn’t surprise us as much as the fact that almost half of them achieved the status of a unicorn in the last one year.
Amid this splendid run for startups in the last ten years, it’s quite visible that the mindset of the young entrepreneurs took a paradigm shift. Instead of just simply buying and selling or looking out for work, the sheer focus has been shifting towards creating and building something right from the scratch. 

Among all the facilities that have been created, one of the most important is to invest highly in ventures and programs that will help in developing the skills and practical approach of our massive young talent.

In such a tough time of a global pandemic, India is not only fighting to keep its people healthy but also fighting aggressively for a healthy economy which will empower us on a global stage.