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How to get a job through LinkedIn

Being a CA, I naturally was fascinated by the world of capital markets and wanted to get in to it full time. However, working in Taxation I wondered if I'll ever be able to get in to Equity Research. I had never imagined that I would one day join one of Asia's best Equity Research firms. Here are some tips which helped me: 1. Get required skills: Equity Research requires knowledge about companies and financial modelling skills which are not taught in CA curriculum. Start reading financial news and take up a financial modelling course. The WallStreet School and Edupristine are two of the few institutes that offer such courses. 2. Start preparing: Start reading about sectors and 2-3 companies you like and try to make your own financial models. Keep tracking the sectors and those companies and try to write investment thesis on few stocks. 3. Connect with people: Connect with people who are already working in equity research and try to be active on LinkedIn. Opportunities in this profile are infrequent so keep trying and let existing people know you're seeking opportunity and they'll get back to you when there's vacancy. 4. Keep applying everywhere and start small: Take up the first offer that you get don't worry about pay if you think you'll get to learn well. Also, upload your resume on our portal: we'll contact you if there's relevant vacancy.